Monday, November 30, 2009

The better hybrid Engine

The Toyota hybrid engine is power unit integrates the advantages of an electric motor and a gas/petrol engine. It is not merely a package that has an electric motor and a gas/petrol engine on board.Toyota applied cutting edge technologies based on latest research to integrate dual power sources in the most ideal way.
The best elements of previous hybrid systems
There are several ways in which electric motors and a gas/petrol engine can be combined. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE uses what is called a "Series Parallel Hybrid System". This is an ideal combination of the "Series Hybrid System" that Toyota has been developing and the "Parallel Hybrid System", which has a different approach. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE takes the best of what each system has to offer and integrated them into a single system, the best of both.By adopting the "Series Parallel Hybrid System" and incorporating cutting edge technologies, Toyota has improved and developed the powertrain, electricity generation and control systems. As a result, we are offering many benefits never before possible with a conventional powertrain.

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